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Natural, renewable, biodegradable. Our wool yarns are made from the fleeces of Britain’s traditional and rare breed sheep, raised in the UK. The wool is organically dyed and spun in Cornwall at a Soil Association certified mill. 

Each breed of sheep has its own colour and characteristics, some a rich black, others creamy white. These sheep have been braving the Great British weather for centuries, so their fleeces are specially adapted for the climate. 


Manx Loaghtan sheep

A traditional breed from the Isle of Man, Manx sheep have up to six horns and a milk chocolate brown fleece.  

Our garments in Chocolate Olive and Cream Olive colours feature natural and overdyed olive Manx Loaghtan yarn. 

Visit the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders Group for more information about these super cool sheep.


Jacob sheep

The only spotted sheep, Jacobs have up to six horns. Our Jacob garments come in both white and naturally coloured blends, with some yarns dyed denim and olive. 

More at the Jacob Sheep Society


Hebridean Sheep

One of the oldest sheep breeds in the UK, Hebrideans have a naturally black or bitter chocolate coloured fleece. Our jackets tend to the bitter chocolate, with some yarns overdyed to a black plum. 

Flame retardantFlame retardant

Wool doesn't easily catch fire and extinguishes itself. 

Moisture wickingBreathable and moisture absorbent

Wool absorbs water away from your body, while remaining dry to the touch. 

Generates heatGenerates heat

Yes, wool does generate heat when it's moist.


Kills bacteria, kills ugly smells.


A flexible and robust fibre, well cared for wool garments can last a lifetime. 


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